About Us

Hello friends my name is Rakesh Jain I am a blogging and digital marketing expert. And I am 19 years old, I am a resident of Bihar, I started blogging in the year 2019 and share internet information for free.

I am thinking that everyone should get the information on the internet for free and that too they can start their online business.

Good for those who want to learn about blogging and the internet, they can learn step by step, I started the xtechup.com website fully on 01/01/2021 I distribute information on this website for free like technology, android, mobile, gadgets, blogging, SEO, WordPress, blogger, computer, windows, Kali Linux, digital marketing etc.

The mission of this website is to distribute the best information of the internet for free and to reach people, this website is very helpful for those who are interested in Internet information like me. You can take good information absolutely free.

Here we will share knowledge about internet information from basic to advanced level.

You will learn something new everyday on this website,

If you have any questions and need answers, you can comment and ask me, if you want, you can also follow me on social media.