android os for pc – run android os on windows 7, 8, 10

android os for pc-Install and Run Android Os On Windows 7, 8, 10

There are a large number of users using Android OS. But do you know that Android OS can be run even on PCs with Windows OS?

Android Os For Pc : You have an Android phone. Due to easy usage and better apps, many users want to use Android on Windows PCs or even laptops.

Let us know that you can easily run Android OS on Windows PC.

The special thing is that for this you do not need to delete or format your Windows, but you can also use Windows and Android simultaneously. To run Android OS on a PC, there is no need to make any changes with it, because, in the way we are telling you, you should not have Android OS in your PC’s internal storage, but external devices, such as pen drive, Can be installed on microSD card or external hard drive.

Install android On PC/WINDOWS

Install Android on a pen drive, microSD card, or external drive instead of a computer. For this, take any external storage.

If the space in external storage is 16 GB, 32 GB, or more, it would be better. After this Android X86 project has to be downloaded on the PC.

Searching on Google will find it, otherwise, you can use www in your URL.

Type Here you will see many options, but remember that you are android-x86-6.0-13. iso has to be downloaded.

When you www. If you go to the page of, then the option of View will appear, click on it. Downloading will start with clicking.

Rufus app

Once it is downloaded on your PC, you also have to download the Rufus app on your PC. This app will be found by searching on Google, otherwise https://rufus.akeo. Can download from ie /. Keep in mind that this is an app that will install Android OS in your pen drive.

Once both apps are downloaded to the PC, the first thing to do is to run the Rufus app on the PC. This app will ask for permission to make some changes to your device.

You have to move forward while doing OK. Rufus, the app will only take a few seconds to install.

After that, you have to install Android. For this, connect PenDrive or any other external storage on the computer in which you want to install Android. Once connected, the format once.

If there is already any data in the external device, then take a backup, because even if you do not format, the data will be at risk.

How to setup

With the installation of the Rufus app, Windows will open up on the computer. There will be a device option in it.

Here you have to provide the path of any external device which is installed with a pen drive or card.

Just below this, an option to type partition scheme and the target will be found. On clicking that, in the drop-down menu you will come across some options, in which you have to choose the MRB partition.

If you move further down, you will get the option of the file system, you have to keep Fat 32 on the default. Below this, the cluster size option is given, in that you set it to 32 kilobytes.

Remember this is the main task. It has to read and fill all the things closely. If you move down a bit, then you will get the option of Create Buttebl disc. Another path will appear next to it. You have to put it on ISO.

Then click on the logo of the CD next to it. By clicking on it, the option to browse will appear.

You have to browse to your PC and give the path of android- x86-6.0-13.iso, which you downloaded in the beginning.

With the path given, the start button will be activated and you have to click on it. After this, some options will come again.

First, you will get the option of Right ISO Image and Right DD Image. Here you have to click OK on the ISO image.

As soon as you are OK, you will get a notification that if there is any data in the card, it will be deleted, you can proceed by OKing it. With this, the installation process of the Android operating system will start on your external device.

Use android in pc

You can use a PC in order to install Android in the pen drive.

It will take some time to install the Android OS.

Once installed in PenDrive, you can boot the PC from USB and run it.

For this, restart the PC and go to boot mode by pressing the F10 button or F12 button as soon as it is turned on.

Ongoing to boot mode, you will get the option of live cd-run android-x86-6.0-73 without installation, Android will open on PC as soon as it is OK. Now you will be able to use it easily. Now Here you can also run android apps on pc and Android game etc. on PC. However, this process is not as long as it seems.

It is very easy. Yes, it takes some time to install Android.

The experience of running Android on PC and Android on mobile will be completely different because on the computer you use it on a big screen, which works with the keypad and mouse.

It is possible that not all apps are installed on the PC, which is working on mobile.

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