How To Fix Slow Wi-Fi Problem🔥Why Internet Slow on My Phone

How To Fix Slow Wi-Fi Problem?

How To Fix Slow Wi-Fi Problem: While using the Internet through WiFi, consumers often complain that it is slowing down. Sometimes it can happen due to slowing down the WiFi network, but you have checked the WiFi network and it is running slow only in your phone, then you can speed it up with a few tips: frequency band Older phones on Keep Auto support the 2.5 GHz frequency band for wifi, while newer smartphones operate over the 5 GHz frequency band.

The phone’s Wi-Fi is slow …While using the Internet through WiFi, consumers often complain that it is slowing down. But some tips can speed it up.

In this case, check the wifi settings in the phone and keep the band on auto, so that the phone itself shifts according to the spectrum band.

For this go to Settings and open the wifi. The top three dots will appear here on the right, which is the wifi menu. Click on it.

Here you will get the option of Advanced below, click on it. In this, you choose the wifi frequency. Have to do and set to auto.

Avid Poor Connection In some phones, the setting of avail poor connection will be found. If the WiFi is slow, then it will not connect to the WiFi for data and will work on the mobile network itself. With this, you will be able to take advantage of the fast internet.

For this, you have to go to the advanced setting of WIFI and choose the option of Poor Connection there. Firmware update Wifi slowing down may also result in firmware updates.

In this case, check that no updates have been received. If there is an update on the phone, then update it immediately. Check the phone case Often people use a metal cover to make their phone look more beautiful, but such a cover can cause some problems.

If something is the same with you, then remove the cover and check the wifi. For the phone’s Wi-Fi booster android smartphone you can also use wifi booster apps. A graph will come in it, from which you can see in it that the wifi key range is more and where less. Then you can use WIFI accordingly.

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