Top 7 Best Offline Games For Android Free Download On Google Play Store – 2021

Let me know in this article about some popular Top 7 Best Offline Games.

Friends, what do we often do when we get tired or upset by working? Watch a video or play a game for a time pass. By the way, if you do not know what games are in your interest, then what will you do. So friends do not worry at all, that is why I have brought you some popular Top 7 Best Offline fun games of your interest which you will enjoy by playing.

Cricket T20 Fever 3D

cricket t20 fever game

This game can be played in ODI, T20 and Power Play formats. Its interface is such that you will not have much trouble playing it. This game is available in both Hindi and English languages.

If you choose batting after the toss, then fielding will be automatic adjusting, but if you choose bowling, fielders will also have to adjust you. You can download it for free from play store.

In this game you have to change the platform before it becomes light fed. During this game you will also have to recharge the fed light and collect light crystals to recharge. If you fail to collect crystals, this game will be over.

World cricket championship 2 – wcc2

World Cricket Championship 2 - WCC2

World Cricket Championship This is a very fun game for cricket lovers. Here you will get to play many types of tournaments. During this game, you will get as many matches as you win. In this, the points act as points, which helps you reach the final in the series game.

Many features can be unlocked in them only through the coins. This is an offline game, it needs to be updated in between. It is the most updated game in the cricket games on the play store.

This game has a great use of graphics. In this, you can name any player. IPL can also be played in this game.

Even on the day the IPL teams will match, on that day you can also play matches between those teams.

According to its name, you can enjoy unlimited cricket.

Star Wars Uprising

star wars uprising game
In this, the enemy attacks your galaxy, then you have to save your galaxy by fighting them.

If you have seen a Star Wars movie, then you will be very easy to play this game. It has been made just like Star Wars.

In this, the enemy attacks your galaxy, then you have to save your galaxy by fighting them. It can also be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

Eternity Warriors-4

eternity warriors 4 game

This game is especially for those who like fight games. Great graphics and sound have been used in this game.

Difficulties increase at every level in this game. You have to deal with those difficulties. It can also be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

super mario run 3d world

super mario run 3d world

Super Mario game is in great demand among users. The game has been made available to the Android platforms by the company from April 2017.

In this game a character named Mario is given, who keeps running and protects himself from difficulty.

To play this game you can download it from Google Play Store. The game’s interface is very simple. It can also be played with one hand.

Injustice 2

injustice 2 game

Injustice 2 is a popular game made on Mortal Combat. It was released on 17 May with its console and PC versions.

It contains a total of 28 characters in different roles, which is a villain and heroic comic series.

This game has been released for desktop in May 2017. In addition, it has also been launched for Android Mobile.

Great graphics have been used in it, which will give you a different gaming experience.

This game can be downloaded for free from Google play store. There is a lot of demand among its users.

Hungry Shark World

hungry shark world game

The Hungry Shark World game is a sequel to the Hungry Shark Evolution, which was first created on a shark and its food concept to survive. Visuals are already in better form in the new game.

This ecosystem is more difficult. Control and position vary according to your regional map. In this game you have to control a shark.

You have to play the game in one of the dapacific, the arctic and Arabian Sea. While playing this game, you will see many video ads in between.

You will need some data for this, so playing this game on Wi-Fi will be much better.


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