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Hello friends, in this article I have told about the best video conferencing app.

Today, due to covid-19, where people out of homes all over the world have reduced, the use of online tools for connectivity has increased. For this, video conferencing apps are being used for online classes all over the world including your country.

In such a situation, many big platforms are coming, which will be able to fulfill our need for video conferencing.

Will work even after lockdown Video calling apps It is not that such video calling s are used only during lockdown or corona era Should go Today, the world is becoming increasingly lonely and mobile dependency has increased, in the same way, these platforms always help us to increase social connectivity Can help students join online classes today Huh.

You can later use these mediums for group discussion, So it becomes important that we move with the times and be techno-friendly.

However, the use of zoom video conferencing in Lockdown recently increased rapidly.

Although there have been questions about the privacy and security of data in the zoom app, still the zoom video call gives us many special features at the same time. Like the following example,

Zoom meeting – which will be very helpful for your business or office meeting.

Zoom Chat – By which you will be able to chat comfortably with your friends or your girlfriend at home this time.

Zoom screen share – This allows you to give presentations in your office from home.

Zoom webinars – This feature allows you to easily stream online webinars or live.

Zoom Call – It gives you a high-quality video calling feature. Apart from this, many other platforms are coming, which will be able to fulfill our need for video conferencing.

Indian GIMS

gims app Video Conferencing App Will Maintain Connectivity

Nowadays the desi form of everything is coming out, so WhatsApp like Why social media platforms are an exception in this case.

Central of India According to Information and Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, India WhatsApp Apna App Government Instant Messaging Service (GIMS) Is going to launch and work has also started on it.

National Informatics Center and Center for development Off telematics mill Are developing it, No desi like WhatsApp If the app comes and Be successful in the market If it goes, then the government Will benefit greatly.

The idea behind making it is that safety So we should have a system of email and messaging, which is foreign Do not depend on companies.

Such a system is very much needed for government communication Is being felt, However, there is such a discussion that the use of such apps, in the beginning, Paid for government communication and upon successful it is available to the common man This service of GIMS will come by the end of this year or next year.

It can and will be made for both Android and iOS.

Google meet

Google Meet Video Conferencing App Will Maintain Connectivity
use famouse video conferencing app google meet for connectivity to your loved ones and your work in lockdown.

Google also updates its video calling app Google Meet given current conditions Has done. Now it is completely free.

Earlier Google Meet was only for G-suite users Was only G-suite president Javier Solaro According to this, he decided to free Google Meet Announced and during the corona, epidemic Keep users around the world close to their loved ones It is decided for.

Great of this app It is said that 250 people in this video together Can have a meeting. Easy to access And the user has only his link to the guests Have to share.

People clicking on the link desktop web browser or google Let’s join Motung through the mobile app.

It contains documents, slides sharing The facility is also available and it is a completely secure app.

Messenger rooms

massenger rooms video conferencing

You are all familiar with Facebook. Video chat facility on Facebook Messenger Is also getting, but keeping in mind teamwork, Facebook has its new feature Messenger is set to bring rooms.

Facebook hopes messenger rooms, zoom, Skype, and Microsoft teams Like between platforms Will make a different identity.

Facebook users will soon get this facility In which they will get their Facebook Or via the Messenger app Will be able to create a video chat room. Maximum fifty people a Can be combined with, even That those who do not have a Facebook account will also be able to take advantage of this facility. The special thing is that Facebook will also provide this feature to Facebook users.

WhatsApp Messenger rooms shortcuts are being added to the version of the web, after which You can use video calling from family and friends on your laptop or personal computer.

You will be able to chat by making a room. One as well as haunts and gallery options A new icon of Messenger Rooms will also be found.

Messenger rooms also feature That without switching apps, user WhatsApp, portal, or Instagram only Can be a part of chatting rooms.

However, it has no official release The date has not been started yet, but it is expected that by next month this option May be available.

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